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If you are practising hypnotherapy, you should already be aware (perhaps through your insurance company or professional organisation) that important new legislation concerning Data Protection comes into force on May 25th 2018 in the form of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). In actuality, in hypnotherapy, there won’t be much difference from how you will have been operating before, but you must comply with the strict requirement, by law.

The confidentiality about of clients’ data, which you were taught has been strengthened, and clients have important new Rights – such as having access to your notes on their case. If a client should wish to see those notes, you must send them a copy (in a clear, understandable form) within a month. They can also instruct you to modify the notes if there is wrong information, and delete anything that is incorrect. You must keep clients’ data for 7 years. If there is a breach of data, you must report it.

All the official information about GDPR is available at ICO (the Information Commissioner’s Office. See link below.

Make sure you Register with the ICO. (But watch out for clever scams demanding a fee to be paid to an official-sounding bogus body!)

IMPORTANT! If you have a list of clients, you must ask those you would normally send further information to about your services, whether it is acceptable for them to receive further information from you. (i.e. they ‘opt in’). A separate request is needed for each form of communication: email, text, letter, etc.

Put a Privacy Policy on your website, and in your literature.

Point out that you keep all information about them secure and that you do not share information with any third party.

I am not a lawyer, so I cannot give a definitive description of the new legislation, but I believe my account to be accurate. As you can imagine, there is a lot more information about the details – which you can look-up on at the ICO site.

Under the new GDPR I also have to ask you if you wish to receive further emails, texts, and letters, about the College courses and CPDs. Please let me know if that is agreeable, for each of those modes of communication!

With best wishes

Dr Keith Hearne (BSc MSc PhD)

European College of Hypnotherapy


We’re now running SPECIAL FLEXI-COURSES for our Diploma in Hypnotherapy , where we can alter the dates of the course’s six proposed weekends, in consultation with students, to fit in with their personal requirements. For more info on this really convenient NEW arrangement, click on COURSES on the menu-bar above.  Students may also pay as they go along!

These courses are in addition to our usual EXPRESS courses, running on 12 fixed dates over a 14 day period.


Our  hypnotherapy training courses are accredited by the GHSC and we comply with CNHC requirements.


Hypnotherapy Training is what we do – rather well!

  We have two different types of course (both totaling 12 days) for you to attain our                           Diploma in Hypnotherapy:                                         (See details & fees on COURSES page)  

a, An EXPRESS course on 12 fixed dates (held over a 14 day period)

b. A New kind of small-group FLEXI-COURSE – based on 6 weekends, a fortnight apart, but where the days are actually variable to fit in with the students’ requirements.

On successful completion of either course, you may then join the GHR (General Hypnotherapy Register) as an Affiliate Member, obtain insurance and start up as a hypnotherapist.

For a longer-term view, you may then wish to attain our full Advanced Diploma in Hypnotherapy – which meets the agreed Core Curriculum and Learning Outcomes as mapped to the revised National Occupational Standards for Hypnotherapy, and thereby rendering you eligible for full Membership of the GHR and Registration with the CNHC.


Dr. Hearne endeavours to teach all of the hypnotherapy training course material in order to maintain a high standard of expertise in students.

Students completing a paid hypnotherapy training or other course may sit-in FREE once again on the same course (if there is room) running within a year!

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We also occasionally teach a Certificate In Past-Life Therapy and Spirit Release Therapy for students and therapists who wish to add to their skills.

Telephone (UK): 01784 433 421

For forthcoming CPDs (Continuing Professional Development days) – see NOTICEBOARD


For personal therapy by Psychologist Dr. Hearne, click here.

CLARENCEFounder/Principal: Dr Keith Hearne (BSc MSc PhD)

The hypnotherapy training College is a representative organisation within the General  Hypnotherapy Standards Council (GHSC)

Our hypnotherapy training courses are probably the best courses in the country.

We are way ahead of other training organisations, having new, unique techniques at the cutting edge of hypnotherapy.” (Dr Keith Hearne)


Practise it full time, as a completely new job, or part-time, so as to increase your income. It’s an interesting, high-earning profession – giving you independence, flexible hours, and great work-satisfaction.


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Hypnotherapy is of course widely accepted today, and used very successfully for the alleviation and cure of many different problems such as long held phobias, weight control, giving up smoking, improving self-esteem, reducing stress, enhancing performance, dealing with traumas, and so on. The 1993 British Medical Association report ‘Complementary Medicine – new approaches to good practice’ expressed a positive interest in hypnotherapy from the medical profession. Life-changing results can be achieved, and the power that brings about such change is within the unconscious – which is our friend, guide and adviser. However, the unconscious sometimes has a ‘different agenda’ to that of the conscious mind and the physical body, and this is where hypnotherapy is used to regain unity and harmony. When you become a student with us, we not only do hypnotherapy training to proud professional levels of excellence, but we care too for your self-development and encourage a seeking of inner understanding, so that you will be: better able to cope with relationships, better able to deal with stress, and better able to think of yourself as a success. You yourself can become more focused, more happy, and more relaxed. The College sees itself at the vanguard of introducing new techniques into hypnotherapy. Its Principal, Dr Keith Hearne, has devised several new methods including the conversion of nightmares into pleasant lucid dreams, a way of externalising hypnotic imagery (hypno-oneirography), new pain – control procedures, a ‘micro-IMR’ system, and the concept of the virtual self. He also discovered the association-pathway in incremental regression. Articles about these techniques have appeared in several journals and popular magazines recently, including Positive Health and Kindred Spirit. Research constantly continues.


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Dr Hearne lost a sentimental ring recently. However – in a practice session, a student used hypnosis on him to locate the item. Hearne’s unconscious mind indicated that it was by a synthesizer. On looking in a hold-all bag which was placed just underneath the instrument, the ring was found!