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Lucid dreams Keith Hearne’s PhD

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Thesis title: ‘Lucid dreams: an electro-physiological and psychological study’, by Keith M. T. Hearne. Department of Psychology, University of Liverpool (UK), Submitted May 1978.

Science Museum3

Dr Keith Hearne at the London Science Museum

Keith Hearne was the first person in the world to devise a method for the dreamer to communicate from within the dream to the outside world, by making eye-movements – thus overcoming the massive bodily paralysis of REM (dreaming sleep) sleep. He made all the basic discoveries concerning lucid dreaming,  including the ‘pre-lucid REM burst’, proving that lucid dreams are true dreams happening in REM sleep, and that they occur in real-time. He also invented the world’s first ‘dream machine’.

His original chart-records and a ‘dream machine’ are on permanent display in London’s Science Museum.

Download (free) a full compressed (1.9MB) copy of The Dream Machine book

Hearne has appeared scores of times on TV, and radio – in documentaries and discussion programmes, usually on the topics of sleep, dreams, and parapsychology.

Dr.  Hearne has authored or co-authored seven books to date:

Hearne, K. (1989)  Visions of the Future. Aquarian Press.

Hearne, K. (1990) The Dream Machine. Aquarian Press.

Melbourne, D. & Hearne, K. (1997) Dream Interpretation – the secret. Blandford Press.

Melbourne, D. & Hearne, K. (2002) The Dream Oracle. Foulsham Publishers.

Melbourne, D. & Hearne, K. (1999) The Meaning of Your Dreams. Blandford Press.

Hearne, K. & Melbourne, D. (2001) Understanding dreams. New Holland Press.

Hearne, K. (2014) Encounters with the cyber-commentariat, in The Jordan Codices by Barker, Dr M., Davies, Prof Philip., Elkington, D., Elkington, J., Hearne, Dr K. (Publ. date: 1st May).

(Several more books, are pending)

He, and David Melbourne, had a regular weekly column on dream interpretation in The Daily Express (a national newspaper in the UK) for over a year.

Hearne has composed a full-length ballet ( in conjunction with Dame Gillian Lynne (who choreographed Andrew Lloyd Webber’s Phantom of the opera, Cats, etc). Other compositions include a requiem, a musical, a guitar concerto, a Holocaust Memorial piece, an anthem for Armenia, and several songs. He is currently working on a cello concerto, and an opera. Some of the ballet pieces have been recorded by the Moscow Symphony Orchestra.

He is the Founder/Principal of the European College of Hypnotherapy and a therapist of renown. He has lectured widely, and introduced several major new therapeutic techniques. He teaches hypnotherapy, as well as the more esoteric subjects of past-life therapy and spirit releasing therapy.

Fuller information about Dr Keith Hearne, including details of his scientific papers, may be viewed at:

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