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Here are some sample comments by people who have already completed a Diploma
Course with the European College of Hypnotherapy: click here to view pdf

‘I was a bit nervous before I joined the course, but Dr Hearne instantly put us all at ease. He has a really relaxed, informal way of teaching – with a lot of humour, and no pressure. On the first morning we didn’t have to state to the group why we were there, etc. Throughout the course, the material was clearly explained. We particularly learned from Dr Hearne’s demonstrations. The mornings were concerned with theory and the afternoons devoted to practice. It was astonishing what we had learned, so easily, by the end of the course. It’s good to know that I can return, free, to sit-in on the course within a year, if I want to. It was all such a delight, and I feel fully confident to practise.’

– Lisa M.

‘I enrolled on the Past Life and Spirit Release Diploma course at the European College of
Hypnotherapy with some trepidation, for I had no experience of hypnosis and naturally
felt that this lack of expertise would seriously hamper my progress.
However, Dr Hearne’s relaxed approach immediately put me at ease, my confidence
growing from the very first morning. Using the techniques we were shown soon became
second nature to me, and this fact alone is testament to the efficiency of the teaching. I
was so impressed I immediately enrolled on the Hypnotherapy Diploma course to
broaden my experience. I can thoroughly recommend the European College of
Hypnotherapy to anyone with an interest in this field.’

– Vic S.

‘I was interested in the past-life therapy course, and was really pleased by what I learned.
I now feel confident in conducting such therapy on people, and it’s always interesting as
to what may be uncovered. Keith did work on all the members of our group of students so
that we all got to experience the procedure. I can well see that therapists who do not
include this area of investigation with clients are missing out on uncovering causative
factors. I can highly recommend these courses, both in the material presented and the
teaching style.’

– Amanda A.

‘I discovered the European College of Hypnotherapy on the internet. Dr Hearne’s
credentials were impressive and I decided to travel from my homeland Spain to England
in order to attend both the Diploma courses. I was pleased that Dr Hearne taught all the
material himself. He is a friendly person, never putting students on the spot. The class
atmosphere was very congenial, with humour and respect. The course notes are very
thorough, with the very latest techniques – many devised by Dr Hearne. I was collected
from Egham station each day, and returned there after the class, each day, free. I am now
about to start practising hypnotherapy in my village of Albir in Alicante, and feel
motivated to succeed!’

– Maria L.

‘I had seen the College’s advertisement a few years ago and was intrigued. Recently, I
felt that it was now the right time to progress my own knowledge of past life therapy. I
came over from Germany and did the Past Life course. Bulkeley House is a lovely
Georgian place, which I found to be an ideal teaching location. The course is wonderful,
and I learned much more than I imagined about the topic. Now, I’m very much looking
forward to going on the Diploma in Hypnotherapy course.’

– Barbara B.

What a fantastic course! I did the Diploma in Hypnotherapy and was amazed at what I
learned in a short time. The variety of topics covered was great, and we given scripts that
were new and unique. I particularly liked: Dr Hearne’s carefully devised slimming
approach, including the hypnotic gastric band; scripts for all the symptoms of the
menopause; sleep problems; and performance anxiety. I saw that the IMR method of
using unconscious finger movements to get truthful information from the unconscious
mind is an absolutely essential element of modern hypnotherapy. I feel that I’ve acquired
special skills that can help people, and even change their lives very positively. It’s given
me, too, a sense of worth in life.’

– Alison W.

‘I have attended many courses by the most well-known people in hypnotherapy, but in
my opinion Dr Keith Hearne is by far the best trainer. He is phenomenal.’

– Mark N.

‘Dr Hearne is an angel. As a demonstration, he worked on an issue that I had endured for
years. It was resolved perfectly.’

– Max B.