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          In a study conducted at Reading University involving psychology students, it was discovered that academic exams (school exams and first university exams) were not accurate predictors of the final degree result. It was realised that the two important factors – rather than paper qualifications – were intelligence and, above all, motivation.

          It is also clear, says Dr Hearne, that many superbly academically qualified persons are ‘hopeless’ therapists, having no rapport with clients.

          Hearne has observed that many of the best therapists are intelligent lay persons who have a natural caring nature and have gained, say, a hypnotherapy qualification. They greatly improve the quality of life for their clients and at the same time develop a sense of self-worth, accomplishment and achievement.

          It is the policy of this college to encourage as students persons who primarily possess a keen and enduring interest in therapeutic techniques and can relate well to other human beings. Academic qualifications may or may not be an advantage. To us, your attitude is more important.


          When it comes to selecting a suitable training course in hypnotherapy you need to establish that you are dealing with a reputable organisation, where both the structure of the course and background of the teaching staff are appropriate. Otherwise, clearly, apart from the possibility of receiving poor training, there may conceivably be later consequences concerning the status of your qualification.

          We, at the European College of Hypnotherapy are fully confident that we possess adequate standing, and we strive to train students through a well-designed course to a high level of theoretical knowledge and practical competence. We are in the forefront of introducing exciting new techniques into hypnotherapy and intend to conduct and publish research on several of the many interesting phenomena.