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Self-hypnosis training

Self-hypnosis training

In hypnotherapy, a session or series of sessions is usually structured to uncover underlying unconscious reasons for a problem, and then reduce the habit component. Afterwards, self-hypnosis is frequently taught to the client so that they might give positive self-suggestions related to their problem. It’s a brief self-therapy, taking up only a few minutes each day. But just as a similar programme of muscle exercise each day gradually builds up powerful muscles, this routine is designed to enhance in the client the standard powerful mind-phenomena of hypnosis – such as deep relaxation, concentration, pain control, and all the rest.

One method (simplified here) is firstly to hypnotize the client using suggestions of bodily relaxation, to deepen the state by counting down from ten to one, to give some simple positive suggestions, and then to bring the client back to their usual waking state by counting up from one to ten.

Secondly, at the ‘transfer’ stage, the client then imagines that they are at home and listening to the hypnotherapist’s voice go through the same procedure again – only this time, instead of using words like ‘you now have a better feeling of self-worth’ they are instructed to think ‘I now have a better feeling of self-worth’, etc.

The technique is practised several times in the training session, so that the client goes out feeling confident that they can thereafter control important mind/body features. Self-hypnosis training may a useful procedure for you in many ways.


We offer self-hypnosis training in Egham, Surrey, London, etc.